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LeeLee Feedback

Hey guys this is just a post for Feedback on http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/

If I bought or sold to you just let everyone know what you thought c:

OH MY EFING GAWD! (warning life rant)

It really doesn't seem to end in this house! I'm so sick and tired of all the bull shit I have to put up with I really am! I can't take it anymore! A full fuken week of getting bitched at, ignored and me just locked in my room. I'll fill you in


Sat. 2nd
Tak and Jubbi arrive to kidnap me for a fun work filled weekend. We get in the car and drive off. Pick up Afi and zip to Montclaire spend a good 3-4 hours editing film while Tak and I are starving. We leave and head to dinner (great fuken dinner, but pretty expensive) And then we head to Fritter's house, chat have fun etc. Jubbi leaves Tak and Afi spend the night. Afi passes out around 1am. Fritt, Tak and I stay up till about 4am.

Sun. 3rd
I wake up before everyone and just chill with Fritter's mum. Jubbi gets there around 12pm it's raining cats and dogs outside so we kinda chill till the storm dies down. Fritter's mom has a project due the next day and asks for our help. We have to go out and search for some supplies, but since it's Sunday everything closes early. We came back empty handed. So we sat and thought what to do I come up with an idea and it takes a few hours to complete. Around 11pm we leave, drop Tak off and head back to my house a good 1hr or so away. I walk in around 12pm and get this.

Mon. 4th
(I copy/pasted my conversation with Tak and when I say "they" I really mean MOM)

For not coming home early enough

its not your fault

And for not calling mommy and daddy

they need to grow up

and letting them know EVERYTHING I was doing

they need to cut the embilical chord, Lee

I know
I got so fuken emotional I had to go pee, I was 2 seconds from smashing my head into the mirror
After that I went back to use logic and as expected they don't care simply because "I'm the parent you're the kid"
Tough shit"

well, newsflash, you're not a kid at all
you may be immature like the rest of us lot, but you're NOT a kid

Yeah I know
They pulled a few cards

i know you know, but THEY need to learn

as to "Well not going to Fritt's anymore"
I was about to walk out. Kill them, then walk out.
I'll see if they keep that card
If they play it, I'm walking.
I'm done.

11:58:25 AM LeeLee: Berko
i'll help you move your stuff
need be you can crash at my place

I now have FULL and complete responsibility on the dogs
Again another logic card on them ."Alright that's fine no problem, but when I'm working I'm so enthralled in my work I forget the time, so since you are sitting or watching TV or doing whatever it is you are, I would greatly appreciate it if you could just give me a little hollar to check on the dogs."
She said no.
I'm sick to my stomach
and having crying attacks
Apparently working 24/7 to try and pay off the tractor is not good enough.

i say you take the tractor and haul all your stuff out of there  X3

Luckily we have a year with no interest.
I'm so sick of this. They pulled the "Bible" card
Also tried "You say you need to and want to go out, well last time I checked there are 7 days to a week and he's (dad) not working, why would you want to go out on the weekend when everyone is out and have the aggravation of people on the roads and in the stores?"
That shut her up and she had to play another card.

Wen. 6th
Dad, mom and I go to salon to get hair done. She still hasn't spoken or even looked at me since Sun. So I take it I don't give a shit. Jubbi and Tak swing by
Jubbi takes off dropping Tak off with me to chill. I get my hair cut in a few mins and I'm out. The whole time my Dad is at HomeDepot and mom is getting taken care of. So Tak and I go to the toystore NEXTDOOR. We chill for a bit and buy a dino for like $2 We come out and I see my dad, he's pissed and drags me away. Apparently mom was pissed that Tak and Jubbi didn't say "Hi" and she thinks I was running my mouth to them and she doesn't deserve it *rolls eyes* So I get a ear full and I have it out with my dad.

(Another copy/pasted conversation)

7:06:17 PM Ace: Do anything fun today?
7:06:29 PM LeeLee: no
7:08:19 PM Ace: Awww :(
7:09:50 PM LeeLee: I told my dad everything
7:09:58 PM LeeLee: how I been fucked up for 3 days
7:10:06 PM LeeLee: how it's affected my work
7:10:13 PM LeeLee: how I want out
7:10:18 PM LeeLee: how I can't take it
7:10:31 PM LeeLee: I'm 24 and adult and I DONT HAVE TO STAY here
7:10:59 PM LeeLee: but only reason I have so damn long is cause he's exactly like me, and I don't want him to deal with this shit alone
7:11:09 PM LeeLee: how I can bounce anywhere I want
7:11:16 PM Ace: *sighs* Sounds like it didn't go well...
7:11:19 PM LeeLee: how you have an apt ready for me
7:11:27 PM LeeLee: it went fabulous c:
7:11:31 PM LeeLee: he agrees
7:11:38 PM LeeLee: "I can't stop you"
7:11:46 PM LeeLee: "You're right you are an adult"
7:11:58 PM Ace: Well that's good
7:12:01 PM LeeLee: "I know it's a lot"
7:12:10 PM LeeLee: "I'm so sorry" "thank you"
7:12:46 PM Ace: Well you said your dad was never as bad as your mom.
7:12:51 PM LeeLee: NO no no no
7:12:58 PM LeeLee: My dad is EXACTLY like me
7:13:04 PM LeeLee: he's bitched at 24/7
7:13:06 PM LeeLee: just like me
7:13:14 PM Ace: Well you know what I mean.
7:13:18 PM LeeLee: and btw my siblings left at 17
7:13:41 PM LeeLee: I was like "WOAH SHIT MAN"
7:13:57 PM LeeLee: I been here 7 years TOO LONG
7:14:14 PM Ace: Damn right you have.
7:14:33 PM Ace: So does this mean you are seriously considering getting an apartment up here?
7:14:34 PM LeeLee: I told him if mom DARES, play the "You can't go to fritters because I said so" card
7:14:40 PM LeeLee: I'm O-W-T
7:14:42 PM LeeLee: OUT
7:14:46 PM LeeLee: yes
7:14:57 PM LeeLee: he already said he can't stop me
7:14:59 PM Ace: Then I will go look at some of these places.
7:15:00 PM LeeLee: and he wont
7:15:03 PM LeeLee: ty
7:15:17 PM LeeLee: I told him Canada is problematic

7:16:17 PM LeeLee: yeah I had problems with a commissioner before I left - __ -
7:16:35 PM LeeLee: lines were shaky
7:16:37 PM Ace: It's still going to take some time. You have to get in a better place in the way of your commission queue, and get some supplemental income, and probably look for a job when you get up here.
7:17:37 PM Ace: But I will help you.
7:18:13 PM LeeLee: I told him that. "I'm like you know, I know I don't have a normal job, but I'm working AROUND the clock on a list you wouldn't believe so I can pay that tractor off cause I made a promise. But this bull shit has had me a WRECK for 3 fuken days I got bitched at by a commissioner, and I have to re do it"
7:19:13 PM LeeLee: "Why do I need to redo it huh...if only she would stop I could take the time from re doing a piece that I could be spending working on another that I owe"
7:19:35 PM LeeLee: I'm working twice as hard, for WHAT
7:19:58 PM LeeLee: because she decides to say shit to me, make me piss myself and ruin my job
7:20:06 PM LeeLee: no, thank you sir I don't like it.
7:20:11 PM Ace: I've been trying to drill most of this into your head since I met you ya know...
7:20:16 PM LeeLee: I KNOW
7:20:30 PM LeeLee: but I'm like everyone, have to learn the hard way I suppose
7:20:40 PM Ace: I'd like to think I had SOME effect.
7:20:51 PM LeeLee: but yeah, it's out there, he knows where I stand
7:21:18 PM LeeLee: He tried to say "Well you'll be off worse if you aren't home!"
7:21:23 PM LeeLee: Ehhhh WRONG
7:21:43 PM Ace: Not if you have people who give a shit about you looking out for you.
7:21:59 PM LeeLee: I might be expected to pay rent even at a friends house, or possibly go hungry, but I wont have this emotional wrecking ball at my back"
7:22:05 PM LeeLee: exactly
7:22:12 PM Ace: You have seen first hand how many times I keep my promises.
7:22:14 PM Ace: 10 out of 10
7:22:24 PM LeeLee: I told him I got TONS of friends who would take me in a INSTANT
7:22:36 PM LeeLee: no questions asked I can bounce if I want to
7:22:42 PM LeeLee: I haven't because of you
7:22:54 PM Ace: You ever wonder why people come to me for help Leelee? A lot of people do you know.
7:22:59 PM LeeLee: but if she plays that one card, I'm outtie
7:23:05 PM Ace: Because I deliver every fucking time.
7:23:25 PM LeeLee: *sigh of relief*
7:23:34 PM LeeLee: So yeah

Now it's Friday. Mother's day is Sunday guess who's getting a lump of coal c:
She's still being a bitch. Fritter called me to ask me

Fritter: I'm getting my Tux, but I want tails and to look all elegant but it's Black and White, will it clash with your cream dress?

LeeLee: I dunno let me go ask mom, *proceeds to ask mom*

Mom: *doesn't look at her, and continues to watch TV* Idon'tknow >:[

I mean FUCK this is important! It's his ONCE IN A GODDAMN LIFE TIME PROM!

So yeah. I need out. Ace's got a place lined up for me about $400 a month. I'll most likely be rooming with another friend of mine Nataya and I can't FUKEN WAIT!

Oh man I just sneezed and blood shot out of my vagina....goddamit....

Alright so I signed up for this "chipin" thing, it's a site so you can make donations
thingers. I have a few HIGH priority expenses I need to take care of and it would make my life SO much easier if i could get donations rather than commissions. I'm kinda swamped and stressed at the moment. ANY little bit helps guys really.
Also afterwards I PROMISE to make everyone who's donated a little something.
So please please PLEASE put a way I can contact you later on. If you plan on donating put in the subject area "Donation from (yourname)" If it's from a FA member you can put your username.

As of right now things aren't so good and money is tight. So here is what I need.

My dog needs a spay and they all need their shots.

I realllllly need to open up a bank account. I have none as of now and the only way I can pay for things is through my Paypal online or my paypal card (and alot of places don't accept that)

I want to apply to Algonquin school in Ottawa Canada but I need to take a placement test $40 and the Application fee $120

Anthrocon is around the corner! I've already got my table all set up in the dealers area F08 under "Art by LeeLee" but I need to pay for my room and I'll need money for food.

My iBookG4 is finally crapping out on me, after a good 3 year run, her processor is slow and she can't handle all the fast and flashy videos all over the web. I'd like to get an iMac desktop computer harder, better, faster, stronger.

Admin Abuse

Ok now I'm not sure on this but I felt it was a little over the top for an admin to do this. Let me fill you in.
Yesterday while waiting to go to my Boo's house I was bored and milling about and I saw this meme floating around. Basically the idea to it was take a screenshot of your avatar page and post it up. Well I'm thinking, "Hell that's the easiest Meme evar!I'll do et!" So I did, and in the description I put who made it and made links and made it all nice and shit.

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What's your thoughts Kiddies?